Are you happy in the modern life?

The US Time magazine recently  has published a useful article which is expressed through forms of image information (infographic) that  its content are fairly scientific and interesting  about  Happiness.

The author of the article shared that happiness is the mood which anyone wishes to enjoy whoever they are, even whatever background they get, what job they do  and how social positions are. Humans  always desire to own the feeling of  happiness as much as possible. Pleasure is never enough for us since It is prevented by time, situations and constantly arising stuffs .

According to a serious scientific study, good moods may stem from genetic factors that are out of our hands and  takes around 50 percent .

Meanwhile, 50% of the factors that bring happiness can be controlled by human brain, normal communication, sharing, empathy activies as well.

It is can not be denied that every single one has their own feeling of joy which totally depends on their point  of view, physiology, their life as well as their work.

As mentioned above, cheerfull feeling  takes 50 percent  that genertic-based. The rest can be controlled by choosing what should or should not do to stay blissful.

There are recommendations related to our lifestyle practice, habit forming so that gives each of us a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Please refer to the information under the caption below graphic to reflect, to select for your own the most suitable and simple way to create a pleasant life.

what is happiness? Personalize each of us has the different  definitions  and  assessments of happiness. However, according to scientific studies, happiness is a combination of life-satisfaction mood and  with a good feeling that you get every day.

It is caculated that 40% of your happiness is dominated and controlled by the thoughts and actions as well as behavior; 10% of happiness brought by circumstances; 50% feel happy due to genetic factors, congenital bring.  In contrast to our thinking , we blame for that situation around is a main  factor  that undermining happiness. In fact, it only plays a very small role.

Happiness will not be for those in the state: As always triumphant; Getting  all the money that desire themselves; Dislikes witnessed petty things –  Most of them find  non – happy feeling destination .

Happy people are healthier than others whose rate of heart disease is lower than those who are less happy; If they get hurt, the wounds will heal quickly because of good immune systems ;  Healthy food  is used by people who live longer .

Happiness  bring  us a good health. Of course, happiness  regularly is much better than occasionally reach the top or be over the moon.

Why happiness does not come from your side only ? Happy people work more effective than the rest; Hapinness ones  are thoes who often get on well with  others; volunteer charity  jobs and creatively solving problems are done by them .

What should be done to stay happy in a long period of time. Please do build relationships,  give new experiences a try, stay helpful , be satisfied and grateful for what belongs  to you.

Sometimes, we should add spice to even the smallest experiences.  For instance, let’s use the senses, focus on images, sounds and tastes of something or  events. Pay attention to the small details of the experience itself is undergoing. Please share with your friends and the people around to keep exciting moments  in your heart.

We can get feeling of  more joyful , sincer and full of hope by poetic these experiences. That helps reduce stress levels (stress), guilt and despair. These feelings help strengthen brain components in close contact with the production of sense of well-endowed. However, it’s far better if we stay aware of these three following things which may  kill your  happiness: 1 Compare yourself  to  others; 2 Stay away of communicating , lack of intimate friendship; Keep feeling resentment, blame for someone.

People  stay with friends and family about 6 to 7 hours per week will feel happier than others (stress) around  12 times. People whose work occupies  entire time found that  they are happiest  when spending time  at least 8 to 9 hours  with their friends and family every week

5 things you should regularly do to be happy: 1: Spend 5 minutes  doing something for your beloved people (in days); 2 Please email to show your thankful for  those who did something for you; 3  Have an interesting talk  with good friends; 4 Use 30 seconds to help some one is in need ;5 chemical poetic experience ( close our eyes, reviving the happiest moments  of your life).

Most people believe that happiness comes when doing some skillfull and challenging  activities.  However ,some people feel happy when they mused, thinking deeply about something then according to scientists, when contemplating operations will increase at the prefrontal cortex – the area responsible for taking back feeling calm, happy to accept. Meanwhile, some  are happy when getting sympathic.

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What The Modern Women Need?

In the busy life, instead of being sad for missing things, the women will always hold their heads high proudly with their strengths because their confidence and personality create the fascinating differences.

This is also a common view on the topic “What The Modern Women Need?” of two successful women and they still live with their passion: Ms. Flora N Flora, Flora Boutique shop owner, and Ms. Shrimp’s Mother (Tom Tep’s Mother) shopkeepers  of Tom Tep market.

Confident of ability

“I must first believe in myself because if you do not have the confidence of myself, who will help me?” Mrs. Flora N Flora shared.

According to Ms. Flora N Flora, “The girls are often self-deprecating about appearance, but don’t you know that, instead of spending time on your own sadness, you should learn to highlight the strengths of yourselves? You like to sing but you are afraid of not singing well? People often say singing well is not better than always singing, right? So, let be confident of yourselves because each of us is different and unique by our own personality”

“Action” does not mean being dynamic

When asked about self-motivation, both Flora and Tom Tep’s mother agree that “it is not true that continuous manual activity is dynamic, as this is not enough”

“I think activeness to the modern woman is the way they think. Like when I see the young start trading online, especially on Facebook, I think I should try, maybe I can do it. Until now, my “little love” has developed pretty well. You see, if I did not have positive, dynamic thinking, I would not have life today. “- Tom Tep’s Mother shared her thoughts on the first day she” born” the idea of online business.


This is considered as one of the indispensable characters of a modern woman.

According to Tom Tep’s Mother, “Despite living in a happy family with two sons Tom and Tep as well as husband wholeheartedly supports, I think I should be independent in thought. Moreover, I should also have financial independence; because the notion of women should not go to work has old. Today, the more independent I am, the better it is, better for not only me but also for my people I love.”

And Ms. Flora N Flora added, “Obviously, you would never want to become a burden to others, so that’s more motivation to strive more.”

Living with passion

“I don’t know how the others think but I really like the cotton blanket combined from of fabric with various shapes that my mom sewed when I was a child. Meanwhile, in Hanoi, almost every house had such a cotton blanket. I always bring that memory with me until I realized that it was my passion. Having identified my passion, I cared every products with my own hands, from the small floral fabric purses to the pretty picky carpets, and this job brings me joy every day, “Mrs. Flora N Flora was proud when mentioning about her small shop – where she took care of and brought up her artistic passion.

Loving yourselves

“Loving myself is not only to overindulge your hobbies of shopping, delicious foods and good clothes but also to live with passion and be confident of my ability. – Tom Tep Mother shared her thoughts when asked about the way she loves herself. “Because myself is my own, so taking care of myself well, finding joy every day in order to have the free mind is the most suitable way to love myself.”

After a little time with the brief, sincere sharing, do you realize that being a modern woman is completely easy and possible? Starting right now and you will be a charming, confident and stylish woman on a very near day!

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Six tips of time management to balance career and family

“I haven’t enough time …” is probably the most overused phrase from occupied employees today. How to balance your career and personal interests as well as obligations to care of the family so that you still have time to learn new things?

It is true that you have more time than you think! Here are 6 tips to help you organize your daily schedule effectively:

Make the list of priorities by a specific way.

Do not be scheduled daily chores in advance, let list the most necessary things to do instead, and then make a specific timetable. It’s suggested to think about what you suppose they’re the most important in life and what you want to achieve, then remind yourself of following strictly the schedule. When making the timetable, you should ask yourself if those activities reflect the values you chase or not (of course, except for things such as taking a shower, washing or cooking!) In short, making a list of priorities will help you minimize time wasted during one day.

Spend more time on yourself.

The entertaining activities which attach to machines like surfing the internet, watching TV, checking Facebook actually consume much more time than you think! Instead of searching for pieces of jokes on the internet, you should talk to humorous and positive people who make your mind more convenient and clear-headed. Besides, you also should devote about 20 minutes to do what you are keen on. Your will positively gain physical and mentally changes giving you a chance to balance your life.

Set out the clear boundaries

Although this is challenging to do, but if nothing is too urgent, you should try to separate your family’s stuff from your job. More specifically, let focus on completing all work before rush hours, so you will not have to bring your work to home and have full time with family. Once at home, you shouldn’t check email. In addition, let arrange a picnic without worries about deadline, at least once a week.

Build many good relationships.

Do not turn yourself into “multifunction machine”, this will be like a burden. Share your work with your relatives or colleagues. To do this, you have to develop the good relationships in both company and family. Remember that when you’re under overpressure, you should resolve by the positive way instead of giving vent to others because this brings about the loss of useful support.

Take advantage of company’s policy.

Currently, many companies have put the flexible policies in practice, allowing employees to spend one workday at home, self-build schedules or have a shortened workweek. Consequently, let find if your company apply this policy or not. Ideally, you should talk to your manager or suggest an optimal timetable to help you balance your work and personal life as well. Show the benefits that you can bring to the company when there is a sense of balance and comfort.

Bedtime regulations.

This sounds childish, but it’s a habit of “buying time” before bedtime (reading a few pages of a book, watching a movie) will cause a short sleep and exhausted feeing in the next morning. A body lacking of alertness will make you work more slowly, thus you waste more time for the same work. Establishment of a reasonable schedule for individual activities is the way you both enjoy your evening and get ready for the next workday.

Achievement of a balance between job, family and personal life as well in a busy society is not a piece of cake. However, if you take your time to apply those little secrets seriously, you will create a big change in your lifestyle, from which you’ll have more time to look after yourself and private life and still develop your career.

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Modern Society And The @ Ills

Society is becoming modern, people living standards  are rising. As a result, many consequences of lifestyle, diet and  surrounding environment .

If in the past, they say “60 years of life,” the lifespan of a person today can be up to 100 years old, even higher. However, in modern life, without thorough preparation, we can not completely avoid the adverse effects on health.

Technology and Implications

Today is the time of tablets and smartphones. It is clear that technology is very popular when every people use smartphones, the tablet even kids  also have tablet versions for children  to play and learn. That is  part of modern life, which goes along with the positive aspects of access to technology and information are also harmful to health.

First may be mentioned is the “thumb syndrome”, by using the thumb in an inconvenient posture too much like gaming or texting, a large proportion of users feel pain when the finger operation going concern, which can lead to more severe “trigger finger syndrome”, causing pain and obstructing in daily activities. In addition, exposure to the phone screen, television or electronic items too long to cause myopia, headache and other unpredictable diseases to the body.

Apart from that, society with fast pace of life, modernization, buildings, offices constantly birth leads to more and more employees have a habit of “sit” all day during working hours, at least 8 hours, then going home to continue sitting without exercise.Harmful habits will lead to dangerous symptoms later as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity.

Setup Strategies rightnow.

In today’s present day life, we can not totally maintain a strategic distance from the antagonistic consequences for the wellbeing of ourselves and families without the monetary arrangement and a strong financing. Attempt to consider a present day family, including guardians and two youngsters, how the life of two children could be if their folks shockingly become ill or sudden get harm that they can’t keep working any longer?

Likewise need to specify the immense fiasco, nowadays “astonish storm” struck the disastrous instance of the economy, the work of one of the couple is influenced, for example, organization liquidations, cutbacks. At that point, satisfaction in families life will be truly influenced.


Regard to broad involvement in the monetary area – protection market in Vietnam, get a handle on every pattern and social development, Hanwha Life Insurance Company Vietnam have propelled items A Khang Toan Gia, meeting to the most earnest requirements for a maintainable future, an upbeat family.

This bundle is a mix of numerous points of interest Vietnamese items had past achievement Hanwha Life Vietnam, for example, “A Kang Tai Loc, A Khang Bao Gia Toan Dien” .The assortment of item bundles “A Khang Toan Gia”will fit more questions from singles to youthful families with 2 youngsters and families living in a house with three generations(extended families), the elderly, kids by and large , particularly when the danger of sickness or setback happens.

Owning adaptable premium installment system, helpful and extend scope to 3 eras, “A Khang Toan Gia” is an immaculate insurance, honesty and most important for yourself and the entire family before the danger of life-undermining illnesses in present day times and the “tempest days” of life, coming back to a feasible and bright future.

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10 Modern Lifestyles Harm To Male’s Health

Skipping breakfast, using the computer too long, or drinking wine and beer … are the unhealthy lifestyles of the modern gentleman nowadays.

Dry shaving

Many people have the habit of dry shaving because they think it comfortable. However, this bad habit can cause abrasions, mild rash, skin irritation or pimples around the razor. Therefore, in order to avoid scratching and scraping as well as help to shave beard more cleanly, you should have a habit of using shaving creams.

Stay under the sun without skin protection

Some men do not have the habit of wearing a mask, gloves or long sleeves when going out in the sun, this is a very bad thing. Because the skin exposing directly to the sun, it will be dehydrated as well as have the high risk of getting acne (due to dirt on the road). Also, without wearing masks also raise the risk of acute respiratory infection in men by direct contact with the dirt on the streets.

Eat spicy food

Men usually eat spicy, hot foods more than women do. This habit invisibly dilates blood vessels, reduce the resistance of the prostate. Overeating foods such as chili, garlic, the onion will dilate blood vessels, reduce the resistance of the prostate. Even, it can also increase the growth of bacteria in the prostate, cause acute inflammation, or increase chronic inflammation.

Drink wine and beer

If any gentleman thinks that beer and wine can increase sexual desire, you completely have the serious mistake because using too much alcohol can affect the ability of getting erections of men when they have sex. In addition, they also are the major factor which leads to ejaculation premature, erectile dysfunction of some people.

Do not have sex in moderation

If men have sex too much with dense frequency, this easily leads to congestion and prostatitis. However, if men in reproductive age have too little sex, this situation can also lead to inflammation of the prostate. Therefore, in order to make sure that the prostate is not affected, the guys should have a plan to make sex, this can ensure reproductive health and sexual health for them.

Use computer more than 8 hours per day

31% of men often use the computer more than 8 hours a day. Using or basing on the computer too much can let men get diseases related to spine and nerves besides the harmful computer radiation.

Regularly stay in the room with air conditioner

During the working time, about 70% of men often stay continuously in the room air conditioners besides going out for tasks sometimes, this situation can lead the regulation and resistance ability in the human body be reduced.

Skip breakfast

Along with the speed of modern life increase rapidly, having a hearty breakfast with full of nutrients has become a luxury thing of men. Among the investigated men, only 218 people have regular breakfast as well as have enough nutritional needs, and the rest mostly skip breakfast or eating miscellaneous things as long as they can avoid being hungry.

Have less check-up

The survey clearly indicates that nearly half of the men due to being busy, they just buy medicines by themselves instead of visiting the doctors. About 1/3 of men express that the diseases are not the serious ones as well as those diseases are not worth minding. There are many types of diseases which can be skipped the good chances for the most effective treatments because of being postponed a long time, even they can become more serious due to using medicines improperly.

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The Meaning Of Life Skills In The Modern Society

Psychologists have reported that 75% of people’s success is derived from life skills. That is increasingly true in contemporary society today. What are the meaning and roles of life skills in modern society?

Change behavior positively and effectively

Life skills are the application of knowledge, psychology to solve problems positively and reasonably. From the studies, it was realized that the cultivation of life skills helps people change their behaviors more positively and effectively rather than just providing information and enhancing cultural awareness. Particularly, educating life skills makes a contribution to restriction of the violence, minimum of suicide and passive behaviors, as well as helps people be able to perceive and get self-consciousness about themselves, according to world organizations’ studies. The behaviors of volunteer and charity has also been improved significantly.

Develop healthy behaviors, stay away from social evils

Life skills are particularly urgent for the young generation. Educating life skills through dramatic plays, group discussion, or practice to solve the problems, games, question and answer did transfer the messages more effectively than abstract theory. From then, the young express their steadfast attitudes to the temptations of social evils, and people also have a better understanding of early sexual intercourse, use of alcohol and cigarettes, avoidance of drugs and other social evils.

Strengthen the ability to solve problems in positive ways

The study of life skills base on mainly the multidimensional relevancy and the principle of “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, therefore, learners’ mood is commonly comfortable, open-minded, excited and receptive. Skills are trained and acquired naturally, not forced and crammed. Those skills can be directly applied in living environment, families, schools.

Life skills help each person have the ability to balance attitudes and feelings, control behaviors and emotions more perfectly. The ability to control anger, impulsivity is significantly improved, and the ability to solve conflicts with others around also is positively improved.

  1. Integrate with the surrounding environment.

The lack of life skills can hinder the expansion of relationships. No matter how smart or brilliant you are, the lack of life skills can make you hardly approach to the surroundings, especially in working environment it is more difficult for you to assert yourself. Practicing life skills is to help you integrate with community and confirm the position of yourself.

  1. Educating life skills becomes more important to children.

The young generation is usually influenced by the surrounding environment. This stage is also the period to reinforce personality, habits, dream of each individual. However, they always have to deal with the challenges in life. If the young lack life skills, they are easily implicated into the social evils, violence, negative behaviors, unhealthy lifestyle, selfishness, negative temptations, or erroneous development of personality. Consequently, educating the young about life skills is immense urgency so that they have the ability to respond positively to all situations in life; build stable relationships in the family and in society; have a healthy, harmony, positive and proactive lifestyle.

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